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Visual Windows for BC++

For 2008

Date Error/Warning/New Description

Corrected in

2008/09/14 When the menu [Build]-[To Create Library] is selected, [Execute]-related menus are disabled.  In this case, [Disabled for 'To Create Library'] is added in front of [Execute].



Hilightening keywords (such as int) gives a wrong hilightening (such as int in printf).



For Windows 95/98/98SE/Me, when Visual Windows for BC++ (VWB) is about to be closed, if created DOS applications executed by VWB remain, these applications are automatically terminated.  However, other DOS applications are also unexpectedly terminated.  This function is disabled and a warning message from Windows may appear when DOS applications.are about to be closed.


When Visual Windows for BC++ (VWB)  is launched by (double-)clicking vwl-file (for multiple project list) or vwp-file (for project file),  the setting of VWB described in these files sometimes cannot be reproduced at the startup.

06/03 For Windows Vista, 'Drag and drop' into Visual Windows for BC++ (VWB) from outside often failsbecause VWB is running at the administrator level, which allows VWB to manipulate file association for BC++ in the Windows registry.  VWB will run at the user level, which allows VWB to accept 'drag and drop' and the registry manipulation will run as another instance at the administrator level, A new menu [Option]-[File Association for Bccwin] is created.  

Tuning of the performance for Windows Vista is performed.



Compatible with Windows Vista.


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