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Visual Windows for BC++

For 2007

Date Error/Warning/New Description

Corrected in


Tail of a longer word or a sentence  is deleted and cannot be displayed  in  the search/replace  dialog.



The imported projects from Visual C++ 6.0/Visual C++.NET, except for the paraent project., are not properly saved in the disk.


Enable to detect Windows Vista's  user folders allocated in the safe region, which are recognized as the Windows system folders.


After a mouse cursor is moved on to the editor tab, the corresponding filename is sometimes mistakenly modified to the name with [..] inserted into the filename, which becomes an invalid name.


Our template for programming codes that enable to create windows and windows dll programs, which has been available when new files are created, now can also be available in a new menu: [File]-[Quick Windows Programming].


For the folder used to search inside files, the last folder where files are collected is displayed in the folder list at the next startup of each opened project.

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