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Visual Windows for BC++

For 2003

Date Error/Warning/New Description

Corrected in


During searching a specified word or string, the change of the position of cursor, where the search is supposed to starts, does not reset the starting point but the search resumes to find tne next word from the older position.


Include files described in a source file are mistakenly recognized as the modified files when the include files are newer than the source file but older than the executable file.  This case does not need to pefrom to build it.


Mupltiple source files can be added to the project by the file-open dialog via the menu of [Add Files].



When the file on the editor is modified by the other editors, this change is to be detected and a message  is prompted to ask if you want to modify the file.
The popup-menu on the editor region contains the wrong duplicated menu of [Property], which should read [Add to Projrct].


When the errors of [Unresolved external 'WinMain'] or [Unresolved external '_main'] occur during the link process, a new menu of [Reset Executable Type] is added on the pop-up menu so as to modify the executable type.
A memory block used to create a new project is failed to be released when the Visual Windows for BC++ is closed.
The [Extension(folder name:extension)] section in the project file sometimes is not properly recognized and, as a result, the build-options for Widows programs do not properly work.


The icon for [Find in Files] cannot be executed.


To hit the [Cancel]-button in our installer of BccInst.exe does not cancel the setup-process but continues to  install BC++ 5.5 with an irrelevant message.
There are some cases that the automated jump to the searched line by the menu-[ serach in the files] is not executed if the line contains the word-Error/Warning.
It is failed to show, in the file list,  inlude files contained in the souce files.


When Turbo Debugger is executed, if no executable file is found, a message is prompted to ask you whether you rebiuld the executable file or not.


Build options are explicitly listed in the dialog from the menu [Project]-[Edit].  Help file (switch.hlp) for build options is also available.


When more than two BCC32-folders are specified, an irrelevant error message shows up when the [BC++ Folder] dialog is about to be closed.



When more than two BCC32-folders are specified, an irrelevant error message still shows up in some cases at startup.


When more than two BCC32-folders are specified, an irrelevant error message shows up at startup and some of these folders are not properly  recognized.


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