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Visual Windows for BC++

For 2006

Date Error/Warning/New Description

Corrected in


In the case that there is no projects, to select [Build] prompts you to choose/create a source file. After a source file is added, [Build] sometimes cannot  be continued.

2007-2.15(continued to 2007)


A new option to disable RTTI (Run-Time Type Identification) is added in the menu [Option]-[Settings]-[C++]Tab.


When a longer folder name is used, warning messages also become longer and its right part is hidden.  An option to put warning messages into two lines is created to display shorter messages.


The current project folder is added to the library list just before 'build' is being performed.


The backward search for words is sometimes freezed and does not receive any ket inputs.



When 'build' is performed, if there are modified source files to be built , Visual Windows for BC++, on rare occasions, shows that "This file has been modified outside of the source editor..", which is not a suitable message.  This action at the 'build' stage is removed.


File extensions associated with Visual Windows for BC++ are mistakenly erased form Windows system.



Visual Windows for BC++ is unexpectedly terminated when the prompt of asking to update bccwin is about to show if a downloaded file is deleted before the prompt appears although this situation seldom arises.


Progress bar to display the rate of downloading is not sometimes correctly painted.



Added keywords do not sometimes go blue.


To find a newer version In this site via the Internet is now available in Visual Windows for BC++.


If the main/WinMain/DllMain-function, which  is incompatible with the current executable type, is described in source file(s), the current executable type is changed to the one compatible with the description.  However, sometimes this change causes an unexpected result and is now removed. The message to show the incompatibility is displayed in the output window.


When you open the editor box such as at the menu - [Project] -  [Settings] - [General] - [Extra Path], it always unexpectedly fails to open by showing an error message.


If a project file is selected from [Recent Project] and is absent in the disk, it is to be removed. But, other project file is mistakenly removed.


To create a new project now includes a new option to create a library.  You may use this project exclusively to create a library.


When a project is deleted from the disk, there appears a warning message, which lists all projects contained in subfolders.   Visual Windows for BC++ is unexpectedly terminated if there are too many  such projects, which give an invalid memory access beyond the allowed memory region.
When a listed project has no source file, there appears a message, which prompts you to create a new source file or to add an existing file.  Even when a project is here in the file list, a new project is created.  The chosen file is to be added to this existing project.
When the output folder is changed to your favorite folder,  the subfolder name of Debug/Release is not added and to add the subfolder name is our supposed action, which has been overlooked.  As a result, only when you create a library, files cannot be contained in the library   Any other actions are successfully finished.  However, the subfolder name of Debug/Release will be added to the output folder, where most of files including intermediate files, which were created in the folder without the Debug/Release subfolder, are now created inside this subfolder
A new menu and toolbar icon are created to make a library, which has been hided in the menu [Build]-[Generate Library]-[From Current Project].
To disable the carriage return mark does not work at the next startup.


For Multiple Project, some of files are mistakenly reported that they are not the next startup.



If [Include] and [Lib] paths contain multiple folders, the click on the folder in the list always points to the first item.  And, other unpleasant behaviors are corrected.



Visual Windows for BC++ is unexpectedly terminated if the dialog setting the editor color and font is opened.



Visual Windows for BC++ is unexpectedly terminated if the folder or the file with a folder name whose length exceeds 256 characters. The allowed length for such folders and files is extended to the one less than 512 characters and a warning message will show up if it exceeds 512 characters.



To find a paired parenthesis by pressing [Ctrl+[] is mistakenly disabled.


When to find a word in the editor is performed by the [Ctrl+F3] key, which presumably gets the word pointed by the mouse cursor, this word is mistakenly obtained from the output window in the bottom region but not from the editor



When a file is dropped from Windows system folder such as [Desktop], the project folder is changed to the subfolder such as [proj1].  However, the project file is mistakenly created in the Windows system folder.


The prevous position sometimes is not  reflected at the next startup.



Program codes to stop BCC32 while it is running are refined.



For Multiple Project Automated jump to the line where your C-function is described is failed when this function name is also contained in other files in other C-projects.
When there are more than three projects,  if one of project located between other projects and if this project is closed, the file operation by the R-click menu on the file list is not correctly performed because  the necessary adjustment of the project number for the file list is not made.


Various chosen colors such as the  background color are not reflected in the editor.  The corresponding instruction code to the Windows was mistakenly erased.
The process to specify user tools has a few unexpected ill-behaviors, which are removed and replaced by correct ones.


To set a bold font for keywords, which worked well, does not properly work. This option is disabled.
To quit bccwin without saving a file by responding to a message box is not properly performed, and the modified file is always saved.


For multiple projects, a popup menu on the editor include a new menu to activate the project for the edited file.
A new menu is added to put a folder name for an edited file on the title bar.

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