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Visual Windows for BC++

For 2005

Date Error/Warning/New Description

Corrected in


When files are opened, the cursor position and the selection by the cursor appear at the same  position and selection as the previous ones. 


The ordering of projects is now able to change
There is a warning message that prompts you to allow bccwin to overwrite the project list file when you add a new project to the current one.  This message is removed.


There is a limit on the number of characters allowed in the box for the search and replacement of words. You cannot input words as many as you like.


The automated shift of the end of line to the head of the next line cannot be activated


At the startup, the box placed on the upper left side to select a project name sometimes disabled and cannot be opened. 


When a filename on the editor is changed, same names stored in menus are automatically changed but to open this file from a menu fails because of a key -mark is missing when the new filename is registered in the menus.
At the startup, multi-projects sometimes cannot be opened but only one project is opened.


When the compile options are displayed, default options include -O-S, -O1-O2 and  -pc-p-, which consist of two switches.  If you copy these options and perform 'compile' by pasting them  in the command line such as [bcc32 -pc-p-], then, there appears a warning message because of the presence of  invalid options. Inside Visual Windows for BC++, these options are not explicitly specified  because they are default options.  The correct options are -O -S, -O1 -O2 and -pc -p-, where a space is inserted btween two options.
[Build]-[Generate Library] fails to be completed if no [main] function is there.  The required build option is missing.


In the case that a file with the extension of [.vwp], which is the same extension as the one for the project file of Visual Windows for BC++,  is present in the Windows system folder, we add checks that forbid to read this system file, which are provided by the confirmation of the keyword contained in the proper project file and by the detection of unreadable characters.


[Build]-[Generate Library] fails to be completed if no project is opened.(For a moment, please open a project.)


After some or all of characters in a word are selected in their reversed color, to call IntelliSense sometimes causes a sudden crash of Visual Windows for BC++.  



When the width of Visual Windows for BC++ is too narrow at startup, toolicons placed beyond the right end are sometimes not displayed. after the width is enlarged. The minimum width is set to be a little bit wider.
If your name of file put in an input box contains the \ mark, which is an invalid mark for files, a warning  message is supposed be show up but it is mistakenly disabed.


When a source file selected on the file list, to compile it by clicking right mouse button sometimes causes a sudden crash of Visual Windows for BC++.
After [Create/Refresh Function Listing] is performed, the menu [Project] is sometimes mistakenly disabled.


Files to be displayed on the editor at opening the project are made visible after all file names are stored from the project file.


Each history in [Recent Files] and [Recent Projects] now can be removed.
[From Current Project] in the [Build]-[Generate Library] menu, to generate a library fails to be performed.
When [Use Ini-file] is checked on the dialog in the [Option]-[Environment] menu, a caution message is not displayed


When installing BC++ 5.0 was selected but skipped after the folder name was chosen by the dialog, the subsequent setup of Visual Windows for BC++ failed.




Some of the short-cut keys remain disabled if no files are put in the editor region.


Clicking on the error message from Visual Windows for BC++ such as [Error BCCWIN filename 8: test.h is not found] did not show the relevant line by opening the file specified by filename, where the error occured.


To import the Visual  C++.NET solution file (.sln) is enabled and source and resource files, library files (with their folder path), executable type, multithread module and macros in options for  its release version are listed.


To import the Visual C++ 6.0 workspace file (.dsw) is enabled and source and resource files, library files (with their folder path), executable type, multithread module and macros in options for its release version are listed.


After the replacement of words is completed,  it is changed that the cursor selects the next words. When all target words are replaced, an warning message shows up and says that no more words are found.


There is a report that the code on the editor is invisible. It is due to the Editor Text Control developed by other programmer, which cannot be updated by myself.


default system library folder now includes the [PSDK]-subfolder.


More options are added to the task that Microsoft-compatible library is converted into Borland-compatible library.


After the replacement of words is completed,  it is changed that the cursor selects the next words.




When a function name is selected in the combo-box  for the function list or when the [F4]-key is pressed on the function/macro in the source file, you are brought into the file opened by the editor, where the selected function/macro is described. If this file cannot be found, Visual Windows for BC++ is  sometimes crashed..
Replace To [Match Whole Word Only] sometimes does not replace the word that should be replaced.  The end mark that specify the end of the word is sometimes mistakenly ignored by Visual Windows for BC++.


To replace word(s) by no word (empty box in the dialog) is not performed. But, as in most of editors, it is changed to delete the specified word.
When the multiple project folder was moved to the other drive, to read each project file became impossible and showed an error message.  The search for the project file now resumes for the drive name replaced by the new drive name.
To open files with the same cursor position and the same selected state as those in the previous Visual Windows for BC++ was unexpectedly disabled.


I n the [Create New Project] dialog, your specified folder name is replaced by the default folder name when you use the check mark to add the new project to the current project.  This 'smart'  replacement is removed.  
The selected word by the cursor cannot be replaced and is skipped but the next corresponding word is miatakenly replaced.
When the editor is closed, a message that 'The file is  modified...' is sometimes shown twice.
When the multiple project is used, after files in the other project are saved, you move to this 'the other' project selected as an active project. Then, a message that 'This file is modified outside of the editor and ...' is mistakenly shown if build is preformed.  It is because to refresh other data than those of the current project are not appropriately done inside Visual Windows for BC++ 
Let your project folder be c:\project\our\c. If your source file such as [our.c] is placed in another folder such as c:\project\our\cpp, this file is mistakenly specified by [..\pp\our.c] instead of the correct name of [..\our.c] and build fails.


When a word is searched, the word located at the tail of the cursor that would be first hit is overlooked and is hit at the end of the search.
Tiny allocated memory block for the use of [Visual Windows for BC++] remains allocated even after [Visual Windows for BC++] is finished.  But, there arises no practical problem.

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