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Visual Windows for TeX


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Corrected in

2011/12/25 Some minor updates


2011/12/15 Visual Windows for TeX 2011-1.10/1.00 is sometimes unexpectedly terminated when new project and/or file is created by [New] in the [File] menu.


2011/12/11 Viewers of a DVI file/a PDF file sometimes fail to open the file.


Visual Windows for TeX 2011-1.00 is unexpectedly terminated when [Clean Install of W32TeX] in the [Help] menu opens.
Visual Windows for TeX 2011-1.00 is sometimes unexpectedly terminated when the R-mouse button is clicked to open a menu on the Message Windows of the [Build] tab.
2011/11/26 When no source file is ready to build, automated creation of project and source file proceeds but the creation of new file in the project folder fails if the current folder such as the folder, where Visual Windows for TeX is launched, contains the file with the same name. As a result, the specified source file is not saved in the folder and the build process cannot be performed.

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