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Visual Windows for TeX

Date Error/Warning/New Description

Corrected in


When updated W32TeX files are found at the startup, the popup message shows up to install these files. If subsequent regular check on updated files follows, these updated files at the startup are sometimes mistakenly listed and unexpected termination may occur.


TeX tools are mistakenly erased when a projects is closed. These tools are correctly listed at the next startup,
06/28 To make lines shorten (by the menu [Edit]-[Shorten Line Length]) sometimes unexpectedly terminates before its completion.

'Drag and drop' into Visual Windows for TeX (VWT) from outside often fails in Windows Vista because VWT is running at the administrator level, which allows VWT to manipulate  file association for BC++ in the Windows registry.  VWT will run at the user level, which allows VWT to accept 'drag and drop' and the registry manipulation will run as another instance at the administrator level, A new menu [Option]-[File Association for Vtexwin] is created.


The change of the width for the project-name box is not reflected at the next startup. Also for the search-word box.


Additional tuning of the performance for Windows Vista is added.



Installing updated W32TeX files is sometimes abnormally terminated due to unexpected behavior of tar32.dll for extracting W32TeX files (running on Windows Vista). A warning message shows up to give a notice that this error has occurred.



Fine tuning of the performance for Windows Vista is added.


The file extension of the part of the W32TeX files has been switched to the different one and our downloader of newer W32TeX files does not detect these new files. This change of the file extension now can be detected via the updated program code.

(Windows Vista compatible)


When the multiple project is used, the first run of TeX just after you move to another project gives an expected error message. The subsequent TeX is normally finished.

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