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Ver.2019-1.30 (Updated 2019/11/10)

W32TeX: No more distributed

  • At the startup of Visual Windows for Unicode TeX, Visual Windows for Unicode TeX checks the site of W32TeX and silently finished; namely, it is not launched. This startup task can be disabled by clicking the registry file: vtexwineW32TeX.reg contained in the following zip file:

    The new version of Visual Windows for Unicode TeX soon available.

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 compatible

Known bugs and added feature

  • ---

Updated files: Please use these files to replace the corresponding files

  • ---.
Windows 8/10 Security (Figures are the Windpws 8 examples)
  • For Windows 8/10 users, when you execute our installer contained in a zipped file, which is just downloaded, Window 8/10 blocks the installation by showing
    • "Windows protected your PC".
  • This message further brings you to press [Run anyway] in a subsequent message that appears by
    • clicking [More info].

This message may not show up if the downloaded file is moved to other folder before it is executed.,

Error in Norton SONAR
  • Norton 360 (SONAR) detects the program as a threat that is 'behaving suspiciously' and it is removed from the System. SONAR detects our installer as a malicious software.

    • To escape the SONAR detection, please add our installer to a safe list in Norton Security Tools such as Norton 360/Norton Internet Security..

Fatal Error in Windows
  • If you encounter a warning message:

    • "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect..." or

    • "The application failed to initialize properly(0xc0150002)..."

or other similar warning messages, Please download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017:

  • x86: vc_redist.x86.exe


  • x64: vc_redist.x64.exe

and execute it.

Version History

Visual Windows for TeX

Enlarged snapshot

  • You can choose W32TeX known as one of TeX packages, which will be downloaded when Visual Windows for TeX is installed.
Developed by
Tested on
  • Windows 10

TeX Errors

TeX sometimes requires a keyboard input when errors occur but Visual Windows for TeX does not support the keyboard input during TeX. To get around this, the TeX option to
  • resume TeX by ignoring errors (-interaction=nonstopmode)

is employed.

Visual Windows for TeX provides an integrated TeX environment using W32TeX. Our installer VtexInst.exe can download and install TeX files.  If you use other TeX such as MiKTeX (an up-to-date TeX implementation for the Windows operating system) should prepare it by yourself:

TeX files are managed by

  • a project,
which should be created before TeX files can be edited. There are options to automatically create a project
  • with/without a TeX file;
  • by duplicating a project from current project.

TeX file(s) can also be included in a project by

  • creating a new TeX file
    • with a sample TeX code described;
  • dropping an existing TeX file outside of Visual Windows for TeX;
  • reading an existing TeX file;

and you can

  • edit a TeX file
  • view the DVI/PDF/PS file created from your TeX file.

Our menus and tool-icons are disabled at real time if the corresponding operations are not allowed to use (as in the case, where the TeX operation is disabled because it has already run).

Other features are:
  • for Dviout/SumatraPDF,
    • jump from Dviout/SumatraPDF to the appropriate line in the source editor
    • jump from the source editor to the appropriate line in Dviout/SumatraPDF
  • to choose Greek letters, equation marks, and special symbols from the list,
  • to insert TeX commands from the corresponding menus,
  • to customize key strokes,
  • to list all files described in TeX files,
  • to jump to the line indicated by error/warning messages,
  • to jump to keywords,
    • to detect keywords such as \chapter, \section and \label and to jump to the line
    • to detect the relations of \bibitem-\cite and \label-\ref
  • to check the consistency of paired parentheses,
  • to use colored key words, ruler, line number,
  • to complete keywords by adding missing characters (intellisence),
  • to recover the automated backup files when Visual Windows for TeX is not regularly terminated,
  • to check the newer version via the Internet,
Install W32TeX
The installer for Visual Windows for TeX downloads TeX files of W32TeX and installs these files in your local computer. The TeX environment is created after W32TeX is installed. You may skip this installing if you already have a TeX system.
Network Access
When W32TeX is to be downloaded,
  • please allow the Windows firewall to access the W32TeX site.

Please download Visual Windows for TeX for your use.

  • Visual Windows for TeX: (LaTeX/TeX)
File Description
vtexInstU.exe W32TeX Installer
vtexw32U.dll DLL file to dwonload W32TeX
VtexDDEU.dll DLL file to comminicate with viewers
vtexwinU.exe Visual Windows for TeX
vtexextU.exe To Update file association (Windows Viata/7/8/10)
vtexsetU.exe To set DVIOUT registries (Windows Viata/7/8/10)
VrexwindllU.dll Dll file (Main auxiliary API)
vtexmesU.dll Dll file (Vtexwin Messages)
updateU.dll Dll File (to Update Vtexwin)
sysdllU.dll Dll File (Personal API)
sysmesU.dll Dll File (Messages)
outconU.exe Launcher of Console Program
Vtextar.dll DLL file to extract W32TeX
vtexwin.chm Help (not yet available)
vtexwin.txt Readme
psapi.dll Dll file NT4.0 toolhelp
msvcr80.dlll Dll file (98,98SE,Me)
unzip32.dlll DLL file to extract Dviout zip/Updated-Vtexwin zip
footy2.dll Dll file (Text Edit Control)
cancel.sty cancel mark etc
ulem.sty underline, double underline, wavy line etc.
mediabb.sty To create bb-file for graphics in PDF(xeLaTeX/xeTeX)
glyphlist.txt Adobe Glyph List
Current version
  • Windows 8/8.1/10: If you encounter the [Windows Protected your PC] warning, please click [More info] and subsequently [Run anyway]
  • Norton file insight: If you encounter the [Norton Download Insight] screen,
    • please close it and apply the following actions:
    • Extract the executable installer file from the zip file,
    • point to the installer file,
    • click the right mouse button that shows the [Norton file insight] menu,
    • [Trust] the installer file.

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10用

Unicode-based 2019-1.30

Share.gif (14997 bytes) 2945608 bytes Compressed Zip(with W32TeX, whose setup can be skipped) Visual Windows for Unicode TeX (LaTeX/TeX/PdfLaTeX/PdfTeX/xeLaTeX/xeTeX...) 19/11/10
Execute the contained vwteUTF819-130S.exe
vwteUTF819-130S.exe 2986962 bytes Self-Extracting Cab Installer to update Visual Windows for TeX
[UpdateUTF8]; 2947044 bytes Compressed Zip Execute the contained vwteUTF819-130.exe
[UpdateUni]; 2947044 bytes Compressed Zip
Beta version

Visual Windows for Unicode TeX

Version History


Error/Warning/New Description

Corre8cted in

2019/11/10 The warnings such as LaTeX Warning: Reference and Package natbib Warning: Citation are still displayed even after the second TeX to update references/citations.


After TeX is performed, the focus cannot be recovered in the editor region and the key input cannot be automatically accepted even if VtexWin backs to the active mode that allows the key input.
The menu [Recent File/Folders] is sometimes unexpectedly disabled and cannot be chosen.
Vtexwin rarely terminated during converting DVI into PDF.
Upgrade to stop TeX.

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