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  • Computer programming for physics (1995.4-2017.3)
  • Physics (2003.4-2016.3)
  • Mathematics for Physics 3/4(2003.4-2017.5)
  • Lectures at School of Marine Science and Technology
    • Introductory Physics (2000.4-2003.3) (at School of Marine Sci. and Tech.)
    • Thermodynamics (1996.4-2003.3 (at School of Marine Sci. and Tech).
    • Laboratory Course in Physics (1996.4-2003.3)  (at School of Marine Sci. and Tech.)
    • Laboratory Course in Physics 2 (1996.4-2003.3)  (at School of Marine Sci. and Tech.)
    • Physics (1996.4-1999.) (at School of Marine Sci. and Tech.)
    • Science and Technology: Computers in Our Modern Society (1999.4-2000.3) (at School of Marine Sci. and Tech.)

Computational Physics (Fri: 11:00-12:30)

This lecture is provided mainly for the sophomores in Department of Physics in the 4th semester (fall semester). The final goal is to make programs for simulations of physical phenomena using the programming language C. Most of lectures are devoted to give how to use C terminology in C and programming algorithms. Lecture notes available are written in Japanese.

  • Lecture Note #1 What's C?
  • Lecture Note #2 Elements in C
  • Lecture Note #3 Input and Output
  • Lecture Note #4 Three basic flow controls
  • Lecture Note #5 Pointer and Array
  • Lecture Note #6 Pointer and Strings
  • Lecture Note #7 Simulations to solve differential equations

Lecture Notes

  • Lecture Notes (written in Japanese)

    • Computational Physics
    • Sicience and Technology: Comuters in our Mordern Society (at School of Marine Science and Technology)

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