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Japanese page is HERE

Lecture notes written in Japanse are available for the fllowing courses: "Computational Physics" and " Sicience and Technology: Comuters in our Mordern Society" opened at School of Marine Science and Technology. All matrials are written in Japanese.

  • Computational Physics

    • What's C?
    • Elements in C
    • Input and Output
    • Three basic flow controls
    • Pointer and Array
    • Pointer and Strings
    • Simulations to solve differential equations
  • Introduction to the Windows programming by C language, which is not registred as a regular course.

    • Calling the WinMain function at the first stage of the Windows programming
    • Creating the windows class through the WNDCLASS structue
    • Registing windows (screens) by the RegisterClass function
    • Creating windows by the CreateWindow function
    • Initializing your own windows.
    • About the message loop
    • Showing and updating windows
    • Painting on windows
    • Creating the message loop
    • Closing windows
    • Terminating windows
    • Appendix: Details of functions and messages
  • Science and Technology: Computers in our Modern Society (at School of Marine Science and Technology)

    • History of Computers
    • Elements inside Computers
    • Functions inside Computers
    • Data Processing by Computers
    • Basic Logical Units for Computers
    • Inside Internet
    • Inside Internet Mail


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