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Radiatively Induced Neutrino Masses and Oscillations in an SU(3)LXU(1)N Gauge Model

  • TOKAI-HEP/TH-0004 (Oct., 2000) iin Phys. Rev. D 63 095002, No 9 (2001) 095006 1-8 (Received date: Oct., 2000) with Mr. T. Kitabayashi.

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We have constructed an SU(3)LxU(1)N gauge model utilizing an U(1)L' symmetry, where L' = Le-Lμ-Lτ, which accommodates tiny neutrino masses generated by L'-conserving one-loop and L'-breaking two-loop radiative mechanisms. The generic smallness of two-loop radiative effects compared with one-loop radiative effects describes the observed hierarchy of Δm2atm >>Δm2sun. A key ingredient for radiative mechanisms is a charged scalar h+ that couples to charged lepton-neutrino pairs and h+ together with the standard Higgs scalar (φ) can be unified into a Higgs triplet as (φ0, φ-, h+)T. This assignment in turn requires lepton triplets (ΨiL) with heavy charged leptons (κiL) as the third member: ΨiL=(νiL, liL, κiL)T, where i (i=1,2,3) denotes three families. It is found that our model is relevant to yield the VO solution to the solar neutrino problem.

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