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Two-loop Radiative Neutrino Mechanism in an SU(3)LXU(1)N Gauge Model

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By using the symmetry, we construct an SU(3)LxU(1)N gauge model that provides two-loop radiative neutrino masses as well as one-loop radiative neutrino masses. The generic smallness of two-loop neutrino masses leading to compared with one-loop neutrino masses leading to successfully explains >> by invoking the breaking. The Higgs scalar (h+) that initiates radiative mechanisms is unified into a Higgs triplet together with the standard Higgs scalar to form , which calls for three families of lepton triplets: (i = 1,2,3), where denote heavy neutral leptons. The two-loop radiative mechanism is found possible by introducing a singly charged scalar, which couples to (i,j = 2,3).

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