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Date Speaker Institution Title Room Contact
03/6/27 I. Sibasaki Asahi Kasei Present status of thin film magnetic sensors Shared seminar room #1 Hayashi
6/6 M. Obara Ochanomizu Neutrino mass matrix predicted from symmetric texture Shared seminar room #1 Yasue (this Site)
5/30 N. Ishii Riken Glueball at nonzero temperature from anisotropic lattice QCD Shared seminar room #1 Bentz
5/16 K.Inoue Tohoku To answer the solar neutrino problem by using nuclear power reactors Shared seminar room #1 Nishijima
Date Speaker Institution Title
98/4/2 S. Kawai Kyoto Cosmology in the vicinity of an initial singurarity on effective low-energy theories of a superstring
3/6 Young Physists Tokai/KEK 98 Spring Whorkshop on Elementary Particle Theories
2/24 K. Maeda Waseda 1.New kinds of blackholes and their properties
2.Nonlinearity in theories of Universe
97/12/20 N. Haba Mie Model Building in SUSY QCD


Gi-Chol Cho


Constraints on four-Fermi contact interactionsd from low-energy electroweak experiments


H. Egawa

Tokai and KEK

Common Structues in 2. 3 and 4D Simplicial Quantum Gravity


K. Akama

Saitama Medical U.

Has the Substructure of Quarks and Leptons Been Found by the Collider Detector at Fermilab


K. Hikasa


Phenomenology of elementary particles: philosophy and method


T. Tada


BPS Black Hole


T. Matsuoka


Effective Messenger Sector from Dynamical Symmetry Breaking
5/9 T. Kon Seikei Interpretation of the HERA events in terms of productions of stops


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