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Maximal CP Violation (atm)

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Maximal CP Violation in flavor Neutrino Masses

Share.gif (14997 ???)arXiv:1509.06071

Since flavor neutrino masses M_{\mu\mu,\tau\tau,\mu\tau} can be expressed in terms of M_{ee,e\mu,e\tau}, mutual dependence among M_{\mu\mu,\tau\tau,\mu\tau} is derived by imposing some constraints on M_{ee,e\mu,e\tau}. For appropriately imposed constraints on M_{ee,e\mu,e\tau} giving rise to both maximal CP violation and the maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing, we show various specific textures of neutrino mass matrices including the texture with M_{\tau\tau}=M^\ast_{\mu\mu} derived as the simplest solution to the constraint of M_{\tau\tau}-M_{\mu\mu}=imaginary, which is required by the constraint of M_{e\mu}\cos\theta_{23}-M_{e\tau}\sin\theta_{23}=real for \cos 2\theta_{23}=0. It is found that Majorana CP violation depends on the phase of  M_{ee}.

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