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Chiral Symmetry

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Dynamically Favored Chiral Symmetry Breakings in Supersymmetric Quantum Chromodynamics

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Using an effective superpotential in supersymmetric quantum chromodynamics (SQCD) with N_f flavors and N_c colors of quarks for N_f >= N_c+2, the influence of soft supersymmetry (SUSY) breakings is examined to clarify dynamics of chiral symmetry breakings near the SUSY limit. In the case that SQCD triggers spontaneous chiral symmetry breakings, it is possible to show that our superpotential dynamically favors the successive formation of condensates, leaving either SU(N_f-N_c) or SU(N_f-N_c+1) unbroken as a chiral nonabelian symmetry.

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