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CP Violation and mu-tau Synmmetry

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Correlation between Leptonic CP Violation and μ-τ Symmetry Breaking

  • TOKAI-HEP/TH-0603  with Teppei Baba, published in Phys. Rev. D 75 No.5 (2007) 055001 1-14 (Received date: 9 Devember, 2007).
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Considering the $\mu$-$\tau$ symmetry, we discuss a direct linkage between phases of flavor neutrino masses and leptonic CP violation by determining three eigenvectors associated with ${\rm\bf M}=M^\dagger_\nu M_\nu$ for a complex flavor neutrino mass matrix $M_\nu$ in the flavor basis.  Since the Dirac CP violation is absent in the $\mu$-$\tau$ symmetric limit, leptonic CP violation is sensitive to the $\mu$-$\tau$ symmetry breaking, whose effect can be evaluated by perturbation. It is found that the Dirac phase ($\delta$) arises from the $\mu$-$\tau$ symmetry breaking part of ${\rm\bf M}_{e\mu,e\tau}$ and an additional phase ($\rho$) is associated with the $\mu$-$\tau$ symmetric part of ${\rm\bf M}_{e\mu,e\tau}$, where ${\rm\bf M}_{ij}$ stands for an $ij$ matrix element ($i,j$=$e,\mu,\tau$). The phase $\rho$ is redundant and can be removed but leaves its effect in the Dirac CP violation characterized by $\sin (\delta  + \rho)$.  The perturbative results suggest the exact formula of mixing parameters including that of $\delta$ and $\rho$, which turns out to be free from the effects of the redundant phases. As a result, it is generally shown that the maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing necessarily accompanies either $\sin\theta_{13}=0$ or $\cos(\delta+\rho)=0$, the latter of which indicates maximal CP violation, where $\theta_{13}$ is the $\nu_e$-$\nu_\tau$ mixing angle.

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