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Bi-large Neutrino Mixing and μ - τ Permutation Symmetry for Two-loop Radiative Mechanism

  • TOKAI-HEP/TH-0401 with Mr. I. Aizawa, Mr. T. Ishiguro and Dr. T. Kitabayashi. in  Phys. Rev. D  70 No.1 (2004) 015011 1-13 (Received date: March, 2004).

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The presence of approximate electron number conservation and \mu-\tau permutation symmetry of S_2 is shown to naturally provide bilarge neutrino mixing. First, the bimaximal neutrino mixing together with U_{e3}=0 is guaranteed to appear owing to S_2 and, then, the bilarge neutrino mixing together with |U_{e3}|<<1 arises as a result of tiny violation of S_2. The observed mass hierarchy of \Delta m^2_{\odot}<<\Delta m^2_{atm} is subject to another tiny violation of the electron number conservation. This scenario is realized in a specific model based on SU(3)_L x U(1)_N with two-loop radiative mechanism for neutrino masses. The radiative effects from heavy leptons contained in lepton triplets generate the bimaximal structure and those from charged leptons, which break S_2, generate the bilarge structure together with |U_{e3}|<<1. To suppress dangerous flavor-changing neutral current interactions due to Higgs exchanges especially for quarks, this S_2 symmetry is extended to a discrete Z_8 symmetry, which also ensures the absence of one-loop radiative mechanism.

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