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Flavor Symmetry Breaking in Strongly Coupled N=1 Supersymmetric SO(Nc) Gauge Theory with Nf=Nc-2

  • TOKAI-HEP/TH-0301 (April, 2003) in Europhys. Lett. 62 No.5 (2003) 677-683 (Received date: January, 2003)

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In the SO(N_c) gauge theory with N_f quarks for N_f=N_c-2, its instanton effects indicate the signal of dynamical flavor symmetry breakdown of SU(N_f) to SO(N_f), which is not described by the conventional "magnetic" degree's of freedom. It is argued that this breaking is well described by our effective superpotential consisting of "electric" quarks and gluons instead of monopoles of SO(N_c). The low-energy particles include the Nambu-Goldstone superfields associated with this breakdown. The proposed superpotential is found to exhibit the holomorphic decoupling property and the anomaly-matching property on a residual chiral U(1) symmetry.

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