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Composite Quarks


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A Model of Composite Quarks and Extra Weak Bosons

  • in Bulletin of Department of Liberal Arts in Shimizu Campus, edited by M. Fukusaka (Tokai University, No. 22) (School of Marine Science and Technology, Shimizu, 1996), p.43.

A model of composite quarks is proposed to provide physics beyond the standard model. Weak isospin doublet subconstituents, , are introduced and forced to carry the electric charges of (1, 0) for (, ) and additional three confining colors based on (?=1,2,3) to cancel lepton's weak gauge anomalies. Three generations of quarks, (g=1,2,3; A=r,g,b) are composites of s as , where are scalar subconstituents. Four Fermi type interactions among subconstituents are taken to evaluate effective interactions for quarks. Special emphasis is laid on discussions on phenomenology of vector mesons made of s, which can be viewed as extra weak bosons, and . The standard mass relation, , is extended to = . The ratios of = are found to be shifted to the right direction indicated by the observed .


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