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Excited Gauge and Higgs Bosons in the Unified Composite Model

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In the unified subquark model of all fundamental particles and forces, the mass of the Higgs boson in the standard model of electroweak interactions (m_H) is predicted to be about 2\sqrt{6}m_W/3 (where m_W is the mass of the charged weak boson, W), which agrees well with the experimental values of about 125 GeV recently found by the ATLAS and CMS Collaborations at the LHC. It seems to indicate that the Higgs boson is a composite of the iso-doublet spinor subquark-antisubquark pairs well described by the unified subquark model with either one of subquark masses vanishing or being very small compared to the other. In the unified composite model, the masses of excited weak gauge bosons, $W^*$ and $Z^*$, and Higgs bosons, $H^\ast$, as well as excited quarks and leptons are all predicted to be of the order of the composite mass scales, say 1 TeV, and to satisfy the relation of m_Wm_{W^*} = m_Zm_{Z^*}cos\theta_w (where \theta_w is the weak mixing angle). It strongly suggests that the excess of di-boson resonance events recently found by the ATLAS Collaboration at about 2 TeV may be explained by the productions and decays of the first excited states of either one of the weak and Higgs bosons, and the glueballs.

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