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New "Electric" Description of Supersymmetric Quantum Chromodynamics

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Responding to the recent claim that the origin of moduli space may be unstable in "magnetic" supersymmetric quantum chromodynamics (SQCD) with N_f<=3N_c/2 (N_c>2) for N_f flavors and N_c colors of quarks, we explore the possibility of finding nonperturbative physics for "electric" SQCD. We present a recently discussed effective superpotential for "electric" SQCD with N_c+2 <= N_f <= 3N_c/2 (N_c>2) that generates chiral symmetry breaking with a residual nonabelian symmetry of SU(N_c)_{L+R}xSU(N_f-N_c)_LxSU(N_f-N_c)_R. Holomorphic decoupling property is shown to be respected. For massive N_f-N_c quarks, our superpotential with instanton effect taken into account produces a consistent vacuum structure for SQCD with N_f = N_c compatible with the holomorphic decoupling.

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