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上へ Non-Abelian Bipair: Charged Leptons CPの破れと質量位相 レプトジェ゙ネシス

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Non-Abelian Gauge Symmetries beyond the Standard Model

  • with Dr.Hoang Ngoc Long, Dr.Vicente Pleitez and Dr.Marc Sher published in Advances in High Energy Physics vol. 2012, 2 pages (2012) (Received date: February 2012).
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The recent groundbreaking discovery of nonzero neutrino masses and oscillations is strong evidence of physics beyond the standard model (SM). The gauge symmetry of the SM and those of many extensions fix only the structure of gauge bosons. The fermions and Higgs representations have to be chosen somewhat arbitrarily. Thus, the models with the non-Abelian SM gauge symmetries are the main subject in this special issue. The authors have focused on models based on the SU(3)XSU(3)LXU(1) (3-3-1) gauge group, left-right symmetric model, and models with discrete symmetries. The gauge-Higgs unification based on the space-time extension has been also discussed in the issue.

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