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上へ ニュートリノ大混合 CP最大破れ CP最大破れ(mu-tau) CP最大破れ決定 CPの任意の破れ

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μ-τ Symmetry and Maximal CP Violation

  • TOKAI-HEP/TH-0503 with Teruyuki Kitabayashi in Physics Letters B 621 No.1-2 (2005) 133-138 (Received date: May, 2005).
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We argue the possibility that a real part of M_\nu only respects a \mu-\tau symmetry.  This possibility is shown to be extended to more general case with a phase parameter \theta, where the \mu-\tau symmetric part has a phase of \theta/2.  This texture shows maximal CP violation and no Majorana CP violation.

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