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Strongly Coupled N=1 Supersymmetric SO(Nc) Gauge Theories without Magnetic Degrees of Freedom

  • TOKAI-HEP/TH-0402 in Int. J. Mod Phys. A 19 No.25 (2004) 4323-4354 (Received date: April, 2004).
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In strongly coupled supersymmetric SO(N_c) gauge theories with N_f-quarks for N_c-2<=N_f(<=3(N_c-2)/2), their low-energy physics can be described by Nambu-Goldstone superfields associated with dynamical flavor symmetry breaking, which should be compared with the absence of flavor symmetry breaking in the conventional description in terms of magnetic degrees of freedom. The presence of the flavor symmetry breaking is confirmed by the well-known instanton effects in SO(N_c) with N_f=N_c-2, which are also described by our proposed effective superpotential. For N_f>=N_c-1, our effective superpotentials utilize baryonic configurations as well as mesons composed of two quarks. The baryonic configurations are supplied by "diquarks" made of N_c-1 quarks for N_f=N_c-1 and by baryons composed of N_c quarks for N_c>=N_f. It is argued that our effective superpotentials exhibit the holomorphic decoupling property, the anomaly-matching property and correct description of instanton effects in SO(N_c) when N_f-N_c+2 quarks become massive if N_f>=N_c-1.

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