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A Gauge Model for Extra Weak Bosons Implied by Compositeness of Quarks and Leptons

  • TOKAI-HEP/TH-9701(July, 1997)

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Properties of extra weak bosons are discussed in a gauge model based on . The physics of respects the duality in the Higgs and confining phases, where massive gauge bosons in the Higgs phase are equivalently represented by composite vector bosons in the confining phase below the scale of . In the preonic version, nonlinear interactions of the four Fermi type respecting create quarks, (A=r,g,b; i=1,2), leptons, , vector bosons, (a=1,2,3) and the Higgs scalar, , made by scalar subconstituents, , and spinor subconstituents, , as , , and . The requirement that preonic interactions simulate the interactions for -singlet composites induced in the confining phase constrains internal configurations of quarks and leptons. The physics described by these composites is equivalent to the one by below the confining scale.

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